Do The Broke Buy Gold And Silver?

Poverty Mindset

I asked some ladies in an office setting today, if they knew anyone who bought gold and silver (not jewelry). They said no, went back to their chatter about some upcoming party.

Being poor in terms of dollars and cents, and having a poverty mindset are not the same. If you qualify as being poor by the government standards of poverty, but you have huge dreams, strong work ethics, drive and determination – it is highly likely that you will not remain financially strapped for very long.

The person who plans to be rich does what rich people do. As people’s access to money grows, you see they buy nicer things, or go on more vacations or other behaviors that demonstrate their ability to afford and provide. The smart person will operate from debt free wealth because creating the impression of wealth by spending on credit – is no longer fun.

Wealth Mindset

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Owning gold and silver assets is associated with wealth. Anyone who aspires for wealth will at some point in their planning, make a decision regarding investing in gold and silver. Some will:

  • own it on paper in the form of securities,
  • convert their cash to gold and silver as an alternative form for retaining spending value,
  • use it as portfolio diversification in case of the other asset classes under performing,
  • and some hold gold and silver in response to fear about the current economic climate.

Those who live in the poverty mindset, regardless of their finances, cannot even imagine owning gold and silver; not now, not in the future! If they do not see wealth in their future, then offering an opportunity to purchase gold and silver will be met with blank stares, laughter, and being ignored.

So, in marketing my gold and silver, I absolutely offer it to poor people, because I was once poor – yet I buy gold and silver. In fact, I personally own more gold than the Federal Reserves! My dad grew up bare footed in the country hills of Jamaica, had less than 3 years of high school education because he needed to step up as the eldest son and help his family – and he owns gold and silver. Right now, you can get one gram of gold for about $76, and an ounce of silver for about $35. Start with what you can afford, and build from there. I know much more about us. What is the difference? Mindset.

Being poor does not have to be a permanent financial state. So, let me ask YOU… do you, or do you know anyone, who buys gold and silver? I’m selling it, and I would appreciate it if you referred me on. Better yet, make the money from the sale yourself, because If you like, I can get you set up so you can sell it too! It is hard to be around gold and silver, or in the business of gold and silver and continue to have a poverty mindset. Something about the shiny metals that impart a confident feeling of wealth and security. Ready to increase your portfolio holdings? Ready to increase your income? Not if you have a poverty mindset you won’t!

Change Your Mindset!

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